President's Message

Welcome to the new 2022-23 Golden West Council fiscal year!

Thanks to all the officers who have volunteered to serve this term. I am grateful to each one of you who have expended energy in the past and agreed to do so again to keep our Council thriving. Am also beholden to our new members who have stepped up and volunteered, as you are our future.

Our main objective is to be an aide to the chapters within our geographical area and to promote fellowship, continuing education, worthy scholarships, annual conference, and the CMA designation.

My background briefly:
I’ve been Council president before, in the years 2016-2020 when we all worked our tails off to earn two Council of Excellence Awards, back to back. In those years we all served two year terms. Now we have recently learned from Global IMA that length of time isn’t acceptable any more, only one year terms per Slate is allowed.

When I became Council president the first time, I mentioned that I was loyal to this organization because it helped me become a CMA. I still feel that way and believe those three letters gave my career a boost as anyone who earns the designation is considered a “determined” professional, one who doesn’t take their career lightly.

I am also certified as a CPA in the states of Washington and California and both licenses are current. Thus, continuing education (CPE) is a big deal to me and many of our Council members put a lot of time in planning REST (Reno Education Seminar & Training) which is our annual, regional event taking place in Reno, Nevada. The next such conference is scheduled for February 23-25, 2023 at the Atlantis Hotel in Reno.

Our next Council meeting will be at 10:00 AM on August 20, 2022 via Zoom, so you can attend from your home. The other Zoom meeting date will be on November 19th. The February 23rd and May 20th meetings will be in person with a location to be determined by Council at its next meeting.

If you haven’t been to our website lately, the login is: You can go there to view our Newsletters and get copies of other information.

I’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions or comments regarding how we can make our Council most effective.


Patricia J. Mayer, CMA, CPA
 President – Golden West Council