President's Message

Spring is here and I am looking forward to it now more than ever.  Spring represents an awakening for me.  The trees start getting new leaves, flowers are blooming and the weather starts getting warmer.  We have made it through the dark and cold of winter and are making a fresh start.  Last year, for Easter, we weren’t allowed to go anywhere because of sheltering in place.  This year, things are starting to open back up and we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have received my first vaccine and am so relieved.  Even if I am only 50% protected, I feel thankful for it.  Now I don’t have to be so concerned about going out and being around people.  Hopefully this also means that soon we will be able to start holding our regular meetings.  I miss see all of the members.  My chapter, Peninsula Silicon Valley usually holds a FMN session monthly and I looked forward to seeing a lot of the same faces every month.  Now I haven’t seen these people in over a year and look forward to catching up with them. 

Golden West Council is holding a virtual meeting on May 22nd.  It’s our annual Leadership Training session.  Mark your calendars now.  The agenda is included in this newsletter and I think you’ll really enjoy it.  At least we’ll be able to spend some time together even if it’s only virtual.  Here’s hoping that we’ll all be able to see each other real soon. 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
— Benjamin Franklin


                           Nicole Sheets, CPA
                                       Nicole Sheets
                                       President – Golden West Council

N. Sheets