President's Message

Hope this finds all of you safe and healthy during these troubling times. 

We are all experiencing a difficult time while sheltering-in-place.  The first few days were fine, as it felt like an extended weekend.  But, then as the days progressed, I ran out of things to do to keep me busy. 

Luckily, IMA is here to help.  You can take this opportunity to earn CPE credits, a new certificate or just increase your knowledge on a topic.  IMA is currently offering some free resources.  These are Webinar Series, Ethics Series, Excel 365: Tips in Ten and a State of Cash Flow Tutorial. 

IMA is also offering the IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series.  This series can be used to help you get the CSCA certificate or use it to earn 21 NASBA CPE Credits.

I received my CMA license last year, so I am taking this opportunity to review the IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series.  Even if I choose not to sit for the exam, atleast I will better understand what the certificate is about and will have increased my skills in on this topic.

We will make it through this and will be stronger when we make it to the other side. 



                           Nicole Sheets, CPA
                                       Nicole Sheets
                                       President – Golden West Council

N. Sheets