President's Message

Welcome to the new 2016-2018 Golden West Council term; and thanks to all the officers who have volunteered to assist and serve.

We had a great Leadership Training Program in Pleasanton this past May, and thanks to all who put it together.

It’s fascinating to realize that we are part of a 70,000+ member organization that began in October 1919 - one that promotes professional education, a nationally recognized certification program, continuing education events like REST, and networking. 

Thus, it is a distinct honor to lead the Golden West Council and follow in the steps of those for whom I have so much respect.

I’m loyal and grateful to this organization because it made it possible for me to become a CMA in 1993. I credit the organization, and especially my local chapter, with whatever business success I’ve had from attaining that certification. I am convinced that I never would have been able to move from being a VP in a “not for profit” environment to a profit entity without it.

The CMA program differentiates us from other accounting organizations. It’s a good reminder when we go back to our individual chapters that Global wants us to use our Council resources to support and encourage both the CMA program, and involvement with colleges and universities through our student activity programs.

Looking back, a local chapter outreach worked for me and several other accounting students. We were introduced to the IMA in the late 1970s when an accounting professor from Cal State Hayward invited us to attend several meetings. Each meeting included a discussion of current financial and business trends, and gave tips on how to gain a competitive edge. We found it exhilarating to be in the company of others who took professionalism seriously and who wanted to intellectually challenge themselves.

Moving forward, I am excited about our – soon to be upon us - Council meeting on Saturday August 27th, which will be a mix of business and frivolity. We will meet at the Folktale Winery in the beautiful Monterey/Carmel Peninsula. (Nicole Sheets has made all the arrangements at this facility.) We will have a 2-hour business meeting and discuss what other goals and objectives you want to see in the next two years, and how we can best assist member chapters.

Afterwards, let the food and bubbly flow- all for only ten dollars per person!!


                           Patricia J. Mayer
                                       Patricia J. Mayer
                                       President – Golden West Council